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    Brave Cow Discovers WWII Artillery Shell

    In a remote field near the town of Olkowo in the Godkowo municipality, a farmer got the shock of his life when his curious cow unearthed a dangerous relic from the past – a 120mm artillery shell dating back to World War II. The discovery, made during the early hours of the morning, prompted a swift response from the local police.

    The vigilant farmer, whose land served as the stage for this unexpected find, promptly alerted the authorities after his cow unearthed the historic yet perilous artifact. Police officers from Młynar, in collaboration with explosive ordnance disposal experts from Braniewo, rushed to secure the area and assess the situation.

    The artillery shell, believed to be an anti-tank projectile, was delicately extracted from the pasture. The brave response of the local police, aided by the expertise of the sappers, averted a potentially catastrophic situation. Authorities emphasized the significance of such finds, urging citizens to immediately report any discoveries of unexploded ordnance and refrain from handling or moving such items.

    Law enforcement officials also stressed the protocol for dealing with similar discoveries. Citizens who stumble upon unexploded ordnance are urged to notify the police immediately, providing precise details about the location. Moreover, it is essential to mark the area and avoid any attempts to move the object until authorized personnel arrive.

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