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    Bryl and Łosiak Finish Beach Pro Tour Elite16 in 9th Place

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    Michał Bryl and Bartosz Łosiak concluded their Beach Pro Tour Elite16 season with a 9th-place finish. In a gripping quarterfinal showdown, the Polish duo faced Dutch opponents Stefan Boermans and Yorick De Groot, ultimately falling 0-2 (18-21, 11-21).

    Despite a strong start by the Poles, the Dutch pair’s effective attacks and the inability to capitalize on opportunities saw Bryl and Łosiak trailing. A late comeback brought the score to 17-17, but the Netherlands secured the set 21-18.

    The second set witnessed flawless Dutch attacking, with Boermans leading the charge. De Groot’s powerful serves and precise finishes widened the gap, sealing the match 21-11. Boermans’ five crucial blocks were instrumental in their victory.

    Bartosz Łosiak amassed 9 points, showcasing an impressive combination of attacks and blocks, while Michał Bryl contributed 8 points. Boermans stood out with 17 points, including five decisive blocks

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