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    Caritas Polska Celebrates Children’s Day with Thousands of Gifts

    Caritas Polska is extending its Children’s Day celebrations beyond Poland, organizing events in seven Catholic dioceses across Ukraine from June 1 to June 9. The initiative will see 7,000 gifts distributed to children in regions including Kyiv-Zhytomyr, Kharkiv-Zaporizhzhia, and Lviv, as confirmed by Deputy Director Małgorzata Jarosz-Jarszewska.

    Gifts and Festivities in Poland

    In Poland, Caritas Polska will distribute 25,000 “Boxes of Happiness” on June 1 to children from community centers, orphanages, and single mother homes. These boxes will contain toys, books, board games, and sweets. The celebrations will also feature family picnics, festivals, and community gatherings nationwide.

    Caritas Polska’s commitment to supporting children extends throughout the year with programs like the Summer Action Caritas, Backpack Full of Smiles, and the “Wings” scholarship program. The Summer Action Caritas provides various activities, including camps, day trips, and sports, music, dance, and theater workshops. Last year, 16,000 children, including 3,000 Ukrainian children, benefited from these programs.

    Educational Equality Programs

    Caritas also runs educational support programs such as “Wings” and “Two Talents,” providing 780 scholarships in the 2023/2024 school year, totaling around 1.3 million PLN. These funds help cover school supplies, medical aids, extracurricular activities, and personal development tools. Additionally, Caritas operates about 100 socio-therapeutic centers, 15 orphanages, and 20 single mother homes, offering daily support to children and mothers.

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