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    Celebrating 20 Years of State Certification for Polish as a Foreign Language

    For two decades, Poland’s state certification system for Polish as a foreign language has been instrumental in assessing language proficiency. With over 50 centers both domestically and internationally, the program has administered exams to over 70,000 individuals, issuing more than 60,000 certificates.

    From 2004 to 2014, candidates aged 20-29 and over 40 constituted the majority, with women comprising nearly 60% of test-takers. The largest contingent hailed from Ukraine, with 66% of exams conducted domestically and 34% abroad.

    Data from 2016 to 2022 reveal a surge in exam participation and pass rates, with over 80% achieving B1 level certification. However, only a fraction, less than 6%, attained the highest levels of C1 and C2 proficiency.

    Open to both foreigners and Polish expatriates, regardless of preparation method, the exams cater to adults and adolescents aged 14-17. As the National Agency for Academic Exchange commemorates the anniversary, stakeholders convene to discuss the program’s evolution and future prospects.

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