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    Celebrating International Men’s Day and Shifting Perspectives on Masculinity

    Today, March 10th, marks the observance of International Men’s Day, a global celebration aimed at recognizing and honouring the contributions of men to society while shedding light on the various issues and obstacles they encounter.

    In an era where the fight for women’s rights and gender equality gains momentum, it is crucial to acknowledge that men also require support and empathy. Increasingly, men are breaking the silence surrounding their emotional struggles, highlighting that these issues are not exclusive to women. Addressing domestic violence, including the often overlooked realm of psychological abuse, is a shared challenge that impacts men as well. International Men’s Day serves as a platform to spotlight these pressing concerns and initiate meaningful dialogue toward solutions.

    Furthermore, the occasion provides an opportunity to celebrate the positive aspects of masculinity and the pivotal roles men fulfil within our communities. From leading families and businesses to contributing to various institutions, men exert influence and make decisions that shape the lives of others. Despite the often unseen hardships they face, men persevere to ensure the well-being and dignity of their loved ones.

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