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    Celebrating the Fascinating World of Bats – International Bat Night in Warsaw

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    For the 27th time, bats are set to celebrate their special occasion – the International Bat Night, taking place this weekend (August 25/26/27) at the Warsaw Citadel Park.

    Starting at 7:30 PM in the Warsaw Citadel Park, the General Directorate for Environmental Protection invites anyone intrigued by these remarkable creatures. Attendees will have the chance to closely observe the work of chiropterologists from the Polish Bat Conservation Society. They’ll learn how to differentiate bat species and understand their research methods. The event offers opportunities to listen to their echolocation sounds and even glimpse their activities through thermal cameras.

    The observation event is organized by the General Directorate for Environmental Protection, the Polish Bat Conservation Society, and the City Greenery Administration. Note that the event might be canceled in case of adverse weather conditions.

    Chiropterologists specialize in bat research, often utilizing nets for capture, ultrasonic detectors, lures, recorders, phototraps, thermal cameras, radars, endoscopes, transmitters, and various other devices to monitor bat activities.

    Bats inhabit diverse environments, from expansive old forests to urban centers. Their use of echolocation for navigation, similar to dolphins, is a fascinating trait. Emitting sounds that bounce off objects, bats create an intricate map of their surroundings. Different bat species emit distinct-frequency signals, aiding in species differentiation.

    Bats emit high-pitched signals that reflect off objects and return to their sensitive ears. These signals help them estimate distances accurately. The intricate mechanism they’ve developed protects them from deafness caused by their own emissions. Species-specific frequencies further differentiate bats and aid identification.

    With approximately 1,300 to 1,400 bat species globally and 27 in Poland, these captivating creatures play a crucial role in ecosystems. The International Bat Night offers a unique chance to appreciate their remarkable abilities and vital contributions.

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