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    Challenging Day for Polish Firefighters: Over 1000 Interventions!

    Polish firefighters faced over 1,000 incidents due to severe weather, with major interventions in several voivodeships.

    Polish firefighters faced a demanding day yesterday, responding to 1,142 incidents caused by strong winds and flooding. This was reported by Karol Kierzkowski, spokesperson for the Chief Commandant of the State Fire Service.

    Most Affected Regions

    The highest number of incidents occurred in the Łódź Voivodeship with 400, followed by West Pomerania with 175, Greater Poland with 138, and Silesia with 114. In Lower Silesia, a tree fell on a car carrying four people, leaving one person slightly injured.

    The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued second-degree storm warnings for the Lesser Poland, Łódź, Silesia, Kielce, and Subcarpathian voivodeships. Most of the country also received second-degree heat warnings. First-degree warnings for heavy rain and storms were issued for West Pomerania, Lubusz, Greater Poland, Lower Silesia, Opole, Masovia, southern parts of Kuyavian-Pomerania and Silesia, and most of Kielce and Subcarpathia.

    The Government Security Center sent text alerts to residents of Lower Silesia, Łódź, Subcarpathia, Świętokrzyskie, Greater Poland, and Opole, advising them of potential thunderstorms with heavy rain and localized flooding. Residents were urged to seek safe shelter during the storms.

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