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    Chaos at the National Council of the Judiciary While Minister Talks Rule of Law in Berlin

    Police and prosecutors forcibly entered the headquarters of the National Council of the Judiciary (KRS) today, leading to the destruction of secure cabinets and the removal of journalists from the premises. This raid occurred while the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General, Adam Bodnar, was delivering a lecture on the rule of law at Humboldt University in Berlin.

    The unexpected entry, led by Prosecutor Piotr Myszkowiec, demanded the release of disciplinary documents in the absence of the relevant officials. Notably, judges Przemysław Radzik and Stanisław Zdun were barred from entering the premises during the incident. On-site were also MPs Sebastian Kaleta and Dariusz Matecki, who provided live updates via social media.

    Following the operation, Bodnar’s office issued a statement claiming that all illegally held case files were secured.

    Simultaneously in Berlin, Minister Bodnar’s lecture, titled “Restoring the Rule of Law in Poland,” touched on the “massive crisis in Poland from 2015-2023,” highlighting issues such as extreme politicization and partiality within the prosecution service.

    The timing of these events has sparked significant irony and controversy, given Bodnar’s critique of political interference back home while an aggressive police action unfolded at the KRS.

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