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    Christmas is an extraordinary time, says Polish MoD

    We enjoy being together at the Christmas table, but we also think about what has happened in the past year and what awaits us in the coming year. A difficult and challenging time is behind us. I am convinced that the Polish soldiers have lived up to the hopes placed in them and have managed to cope with many difficult tasks. Thanks to them, Poland today is safer, more stable and better protected,”

    Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak said. 

    Błaszczak also addressed his wishes to all soldiers and civilian employees. 

    I thank all soldiers and civilian employees for their dedication to work and service. I hope it brings you recognition and satisfaction, and that you are proud that by guarding our Homeland’s independence you ensure the safety and peace of mind of your families and all countrymen (…) May the new year, 2023, bring us all peace and joy, as well as strength and courage to take up difficult challenges, jointly caring for the future of our families and fellow citizens. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    said Błaszczak.

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