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    Circus Korona: A Polish Entertainment Icon

    Established in 1993 by Lidia Król-Pinder and Thomas Pinder, Circus Korona stands as Poland’s premier circus entertainment destination.

    A Diverse Array of Attractions

    Circus Korona boasts three circus tents with diameters of 40m, 38m, and 36m respectively, along with two permanent amphitheaters accommodating 1500 spectators each, and one for 1000. With power generators and specialized vehicles, it can stage performances anywhere in Poland and Europe.

    A Menagerie of Wonders

    Home to Poland’s largest circus menagerie since 2006, Circus Korona hosts an impressive array of animals including camels, Welsh Cob and Arabian horses, llamas, geese, zebras, goats, sheep, St. Bernard dogs, monkeys, Shetland ponies, and the famed bull “Fernando.”

    The Talent Festival

    Since 2010, Circus Korona has organized the International Talent Festival, showcasing circus luminaries on a grand scale in Warsaw. Notable artists like Doda and Ewelina Lisowska have graced its stages, adding to its prestige.

    Corporate Responsibility

    Recognized for its support of Special Olympics, Circus Korona received the “Special Friend” award in 2005. It also contributes horses to hippotherapy programs and is a member of the European Circus Association (ECA).

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