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    Clubs of ‘Gazeta Polska’ at the Polish Ambassador’s Residence in the USA. Sakiewicz: Increased Interest in Poland is Evident

    It is clear that there is increased interest in Poland in analytical circles that advise the US authorities – said Tomasz Sakiewicz, the editor-in-chief of ‘Gazeta Polska,’ in an interview with the news website after a meeting at the Residence of the Polish Ambassador in Washington. The ceremony was organized on the occasion of the recent Polish Independence Day. He also pointed out what Poles in the United States feel after the election results in Poland.

    The meeting was attended not only by Poles but also by friends of Poland. Representatives of the US Congress, diplomacy, and military lobby were present. – It is clear that there is increased interest in Poland in analytical circles that advise the US authorities – assessed editor Sakiewicz.

    The Editor-in-Chief of “GP” also talked about a moving conversation with Barbara Kalabińska, the widow of Jacek Kalabiński – a journalist who interpreted Lech Wałęsa’s first speech in the USA. – With that famous, powerful voice saying “We, the people,” he made a great impression. The speech was received with a standing ovation. Kalabiński was a very significant figure in both the USA and Poland, and his wife still feels like an ambassador for Polish affairs – said editor Sakiewicz.

    Numerous participants

    He emphasized that for the Polish community residing in the United States and the numerous members of the ‘Gazeta Polska’ Clubs, the ceremony at the Polish embassy was an opportunity for integration. – It’s a chance to get to know both people who represent Poland and Poles from different regions of the United States, who often later willingly establish clubs or join clubs. Poles with influence in their communities from various parts of the United States came to the embassy meeting. It’s not easy because sometimes it’s like traveling from Warsaw to Paris. But many such Poles showed up – he said.

    Mood among the Polish community

    Editor Sakiewicz also mentioned the moods prevailing among the Polish Americans. – There is a widespread belief here that Americans let themselves be outplayed by the Germans, and Poland may enter the German zone. There will be enormous pressure from the American-Polish community for Americans to support the independence of Poland, which is genuinely threatened – he said.

    As he added, this will be one of the topics of tomorrow’s 10th Congress of ‘Gazeta Polska’ Clubs in the USA and Canada.

    The Jubilee Congress of ‘GP’ Clubs in the USA and Canada will traditionally take place at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Częstochowa – also known as the ‘American Częstochowa’. It will start at 3:00 PM Polish time. The online broadcast will be conducted on: and on the Facebook profile of the ‘Gazeta Polska’ Clubs.”


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