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    Coastal Damage in the Aftermath of December Storms on the Baltic Sea

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    The storms that swept through the Baltic Sea in December caused significant damage, particularly to dune embankments and biotechnical structures. The most affected area was Lubiatowo in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

    Extent of Destruction

    Approximately 114,000 cubic meters of dune embankments and biotechnical structures were destroyed, with additional losses including nearly 3,000 meters of fences and around 17,000 square meters of dune coverings. The destruction also impacted shrubbery and wooded areas, amounting to about 140 acres, mainly in Lubiatowo and its surroundings.

    Financial Impact and Ongoing Assessment

    Damage to biotechnical structures is estimated at around 200,000 PLN, while losses in fences, shrubbery, coverings, and informational signs surpass 60,000 PLN. Notably, there were no damages to structures serving coastal protection or port infrastructure.

    Ongoing Coastal Protection Efforts

    Despite these setbacks, the coastal protection authorities maintain that the current estimated values are not final. Ongoing monitoring reveals partial natural recovery during non-storm periods. Plans for intervention and repairs will be assessed further in the spring.

    Budgetary Allocations for 2024

    The Gdynia Maritime Office has allocated over 22 million PLN for coastal protection in 2024. Projects include the renovation of coastal structures in Gdynia, reconstruction of shore fortifications in Jastrzębia Góra, and various initiatives addressing coastal resilience and maintenance.

    In the face of ongoing challenges, coastal protection measures remain a top priority, ensuring the resilience of the Baltic Sea shoreline.

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