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    Concerns over Unlawful Actions in Poland Emerge at Council of Europe Session

    During the first Council of Europe session in 2024, three resolutions addressing unlawfulness in Poland have been submitted, shedding light on the government’s attempts, led by former EU President Tusk. The focus is on changes in public media, prosecution services, and the arrest of two opposition MPs.

    Illegal Takeover of Public Media

    Arkadiusz Mularczyk’s resolution urges the Council of Europe to condemn the Polish government’s efforts to take over public media, emphasizing the importance of protecting freedom of information, expression, and media pluralism. President Duda deems Tusk’s actions unconstitutional, with the National Court Registry in Poland ruling them illegal.

    Unlawful Removal of the Public Prosecutor

    Marcin Romanowski’s resolution calls for an investigation into Minister Adam Bodnar’s alleged illegal attempts to remove the Public Prosecutor and install an “Acting Public Prosecutor” without President Duda’s approval, circumventing established legal processes.

    Illegal Detention of Parliamentarians

    Mularczyk and Romanowski jointly submit a resolution urging an investigation into the imprisonment of MPs Mariusz Kaminski and Marcin Wąsik, despite their immunity and presidential pardons. Both politicians are on hunger strike, prompting a court-ordered force-feeding due to health concerns.

    Arkadiusz Mularczyk, head of the Law and Justice delegation to the Council of Europe, emphasizes the duty of the Council to investigate breaches of the rule of law and human rights within its member states. These resolutions aim to raise international awareness about the situation in Poland, following US Senator JD Vance’s expressed concerns to Secretary of State Antony Blinken regarding the lack of action against PM Donald Tusk’s administration by President Biden’s administration.

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