Unlawful Appointment of Prosecutor Bilewicz as Acting National Prosecutor Sparks Controversy

    In a recent statement released by Deputy Prosecutors General, Adam Bodnar’s deputies express their concerns over the appointment of Prosecutor Jacek Bilewicz to a non-existent position as Acting National Prosecutor.

    The Deputy Prosecutors General, Adam Bodnar, assert that the assignment of Prosecutor Jacek Bilewicz as Acting National Prosecutor, without following the proper legal procedures outlined in the Prosecution Law, is ineffective. Such a role is not provided for in the Prosecution Law.

    It is alleged that Justice Minister and Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar, along with Prime Minister Donald Tusk, unlawfully created a new position, one not recognized by the Prosecution Law. This action is believed to be an attempt to bypass the provisions regarding the dismissal procedure of the First Deputy Prosecutor General, requiring explicit written consent from the President of the Republic of Poland.

    The illicit actions of Adam Bodnar, Donald Tusk, and Jacek Bilewicz, all public officials, are slated to undergo legal scrutiny. The Deputy Prosecutors General emphasize their commitment to utilizing all legal means at their disposal to effectively counter any attempts to unlawfully remove the National Prosecutor and exploit the prosecutor’s office for political purposes.

    The Deputy Prosecutors General signing the statement are Krzysztof Sierak, Michał Ostrowski, Robert Hernand, Beata Marczak, Krzysztof Urbaniak, Tomasz Janeczek, and Andrzej Pozorski.


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