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    Crucial Achievements of CBŚP in 2023: A Year of Record-breaking Law Enforcement

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    Explore CBŚP’s exceptional achievements in 2023, from record drug seizures to dismantling criminal enterprises, showcasing the agency’s commitment to law enforcement.

    In 2023, Poland’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚP) made significant strides in combating organized crime, seizing over 14 tons of narcotics, 340 million cigarettes, and dismantling criminal enterprises. These efforts led to the confiscation of assets worth over 864 million PLN, coupled with the closure of 56 synthetic drug labs, 22 cigarette factories, 8 tobacco processing plants, and the eradication of 34 cannabis plantations.

    Legal Triumphs and Criminal Dismantling

    CBŚP’s relentless pursuit of justice in 2023 resulted in the gathering of evidence leading to charges against nearly 3.8 thousand individuals, with almost 2.5 thousand facing accusations of involvement in organized crime groups.

    Financial Impacts on Criminal Networks

    The effective battle against organized crime extended to dismantling the financial backbone of criminal groups, with assets exceeding 864 million PLN seized in 2023, showcasing a notable increase from the previous year’s 760 million PLN.

    Record Drug Interceptions

    2023 set a record for removing drugs from the market, with CBŚP preventing over 14.2 tons from reaching the streets, a substantial increase from 2022’s 11.1 tons. The agency’s efforts extended beyond national borders, intercepting around 2.7 tons abroad.

    Striking Blows to Synthetic Drug Production

    CBŚP’s operations resulted in the closure of 56 synthetic drug laboratories, emphasizing the prevention of precursor substances and chemicals crucial for drug production, hindering large-scale narcotics manufacturing.

    Crackdown on Illicit Cannabis Cultivation

    The past year witnessed a significant surge in dismantling illegal cannabis plantations, with 34 operations closed, surpassing the 2022 figure of 20.

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