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    Cutting-Edge Innovations Unveiled by Łukasiewicz Institute of Aviation at MSPO 2023

    The Łukasiewicz Institute of Aviation is set to showcase its latest groundbreaking product, the HAASTA unmanned system, at the XXXI International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce. Developed in collaboration with Eurotech, this hybrid-powered UAV addresses modern battlefield requirements. With combat experience informing its design, the HAASTA offers a range of applications, including observation, cargo transport, reconnaissance, and drone interception.

    Designed for air defense penetration, deep enemy deployment, reconnaissance, and diversion tasks, the HAASTA’s capabilities extend to confusing anti-aircraft defenses and swarm operations. Its civilian potential includes infrastructure monitoring. The institute also presents AI-based navigation systems, electromagnetic radiation-reflecting thermoplastic housings, and more.

    This year’s offerings encompass composite VTOL rotor blades, real-time object detection (RTSENSE), and rocket accelerator concepts. The institute’s diverse portfolio also includes traditional aviation solutions like flight stabilization and altitude measurement systems.

    Two submissions, the HAASTA drone and the innovative non-pyrotechnic initiator, vie for the Defender Award, which honors technical and technological novelty. All these offerings can be explored at booth D-57 in Hall D during MSPO, September 5-8, 2023.

    The Łukasiewicz Institute of Aviation is a leading European research entity with roots tracing back to 1926. Partnering with aerospace giants like Boeing, Airbus, and the European Space Agency, the institute excels in aviation, space, and unmanned technologies. Its research extends to material, composite, and energy technologies, serving both national and international industries.

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