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    Daily Mail Calls for UK to Give Priority to Relations with Poland

    The UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, has emphasized the rapid growth of Poland’s military capabilities and suggested that the UK should prioritize fostering relations with Warsaw over Paris or Berlin. Andrew Neil, a prominent political journalist, highlighted Poland’s recent armament acquisitions, including a formidable tank force and the largest fleet of military helicopters in Europe.

    With plans to double its active-duty forces to 300,000, Poland will possess the largest combat-ready land army in Europe, surpassing Germany’s Bundeswehr. The article further noted that Poland’s military spending has increased by 20 percent this year, amounting to 3 percent of GDP, with a goal of reaching 4 percent by 2025, the highest in Europe.

    Neil highlighted the favorable stance of the United States towards Poland’s assertiveness, as the US has shown a willingness to defend allies that prioritize defense spending. Notably, there are now over 11,000 US troops stationed in Poland, and the US Army has established its first permanent garrison in the country. Neil also underscored Poland’s significant role in supporting Ukraine during its conflict with Russia, stating that Poland’s emergence as a military and diplomatic force has shifted the balance of power in Europe. Moreover, Poland’s alignment with the UK in viewing Russia as a common threat has further emphasized its importance to the UK.

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