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    Danuta Holecka to Host Beata Kempa and Paulina Matysiak on Telewizja Republika

    Tonight at 7:30 PM, an intriguing political discourse is set to take place on Telewizja Republika’s esteemed program hosted by Danuta Holecka. Esteemed guests include Beata Kempa of Suwerenna Polska and Paulina Matysiak of Lewica Razem, marking a significant dialogue between two prominent representatives from diverse political spectrums.

    The episode promises a dynamic exchange of views and insights as Kempa, known for her steadfast positions on national sovereignty and conservative policies, shares the stage with Matysiak, a vocal advocate for progressive and inclusive policies under the banner of Lewica Razem. The discussion is expected to cover a range of pressing issues, from domestic policies to international relations.

    Tune in to Telewizja Republika at 7:30 PM for this must-watch political commentary. The episode will also be available for streaming on the network’s digital platforms, ensuring access for viewers anytime, anywhere.

    Don’t miss this insightful evening. Tune in to the truth!

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