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    Daredevil Scooter Rider Caught on Video Racing Against Traffic on Expressway

    Shocking sight stunned drivers on the DTŚ expressway in Gliwice – a woman riding an electric scooter against the flow of traffic. Drivers quickly took action and phoned the emergency line to report the strange incident. In response, police cars were swiftly dispatched to the area.

    On Sunday evening, a woman riding an electric scooter along the Gliwice section of the Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa (DTŚ) sparked a major police response. Drivers reported that the woman had been riding against the flow of traffic, disregarding orders to pull over and posing a serious danger to herself and other road users. Police rushed to the scene, determined to prevent any possible tragedies.

    Police officers were forced to take dramatic action to prevent a traffic tragedy in the city today. An unusual woman travelling on a scooter was stopped by a police car with its roof lights activated, blocking the lane.

    When officers attempted to grab the woman, she abandoned her scooter and fled towards the express lanes. In a race against time, uniformed police officers had to take the drastic measure of forcibly stopping the woman before she could cause an accident. Thankfully, their quick thinking and decisive action prevented a potentially disastrous situation.

    A daring scooter driver took to the streets of Gliwice, risking life and limb to make a daring escape to Bytom. Although breathalyzer tests revealed that she was sober, the woman had made the risky decision to hop on a city scooter as an alternative to missing the last train. With a destination of Bytom in mind, she set off on her breakneck journey.

    A 45-year-old driver caused chaos on the roads today after breaking multiple traffic regulations. Thanks to the alertness of other drivers on the road, the police were quickly notified and officers from the Fifth Precinct were dispatched to the scene. Thankfully, their swift response meant that a tragedy was avoided.

    Drivers must remain alert at all times on the highway, as even when it seems like nothing is out of the ordinary, there could be a pedestrian or a vehicle that is not allowed on the road. Vigilance is key to ensuring safety on the highways.

    Source: Silesian Police Headquarters

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