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    Defence Minister offers soldiers to remain in service

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    The Polish defence minister has proposed a package of financial incentives designed to encourage soldiers to stay in the armed forces.

    With war raging in neighbouring Ukraine, Poland has launched a massive investment campaign to modernise and enlarge its military.

    Taking to Twitter on Monday Mariusz Blaszczak wrote: “We are introducing another incentive to encourage soldiers to remain in service. After reaching 15 years of service, military personnel will receive an additional 5 per cent of their salary and an additional 1 per cent for each subsequent year. The draft will be considered by the Council of Ministers soon.”

    At the moment the benefits for soldiers who have remained in the forces for a long time are regulated by the Homeland Defence Act, which has been in force since April 2022.

    Soldiers who serve for more than 25 years, but less than 28 years and 6 months, receive an additional benefit of PLN 1,500 (EUR 319), and military personnel with longer service get PLN 2,500 (EUR 533).


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