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    Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Holds Meeting with Arab and Iranian Embassies to Address Border Migrant Situation

    In a significant diplomatic gathering on Tuesday, Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister engaged in talks with delegates from Arab countries and Iran, who are accredited in Warsaw. The purpose of this meeting was to deliberate upon the ongoing migrant predicament at the Polish-Belarusian border.

    According to an official statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pawel Jablonski, the Deputy Foreign Minister, elucidated the background of the crisis during the discussion. He notably highlighted the complicity of the Belarusian regime in orchestrating the movement of individuals, primarily from Middle Eastern nations, into Belarus. This operation is being conducted under the guise of intending to traverse the Polish border while simultaneously charging a fee to facilitate the crossing of the EU frontier.

    Jablonski emphasized that these activities are part of a broader strategy of hybrid warfare, orchestrated by the Alexander Lukashenko-led regime, with the involvement of elements linked to the so-called Wagner Group. The objective behind these actions is seen as a direct endeavor to unsettle the stability of not only Poland but the entire European Union.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs underscored that these calculated maneuvers by Belarusian authorities represent a clear endeavor to disrupt the equilibrium within Poland and the broader European Union.

    During the discussion, Deputy Minister Jablonski assured the assembled ambassadors and chargé d’affaires from Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates that Poland’s Border Guard adheres diligently to established protocols and regulations. He highlighted that their primary focus lies in addressing the unlawful crossing of the Polish and EU borders while treating individuals involved with the utmost respect.

    Furthermore, Jablonski beseeched the diplomatic representatives present at the meeting to promptly communicate any observed attempts within their respective nations aimed at facilitating coordinated illicit migration through Belarus and Russia into the European Union. This call to vigilance underscores Poland’s commitment to thwarting unauthorized migration activities.


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