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    Deserts in Poland you must visit – the Kozlow Desert

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    Deserts in Poland are mostly the result of human activity and in no way resemble deserts such as the Sahara or Kalahari. Nevertheless, Poland has more deserts than other European countries. Another amazing desert is the Kozlow one. 

    Kozlow Desert is located in the Przemkow Landscape Park in the heart of the Lower Silesian Forests. If you’ve never been here, it’s worth visiting, especially in autumn, in late August and early September when the heather is in a beautiful juicy colour.

    Contributing to the formation of the Kozlow Desert was the activity of a Soviet military training ground, operating until 1992. The dune served as a shield for rockets and artillery shells. Bomb and missile exercises contributed to forest fires. But this is what caused the turf to burn down to bare sand, resulting in a desert landscape. 

    Poor soil, dry terrain and wind-moving sand grains maintain this landscape. The preservation of desert conditions is constantly threatened by the natural invasion of vegetation. Pine, heather, brush, as well as lichens, mosses and birch, are successfully invading the barren sand to support each other. 

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