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    Discover the Beauty and Safety of Podlasie: New Tourism Promotion Program Launched

    Discover the beauty and safety of Podlasie with a new tourism promotion program highlighting its unique attractions and activities.

    During a press conference on Wednesday, Minister of Sport and Tourism emphasized that Podlasie is not only beautiful but also safe. The government has launched a special tourism promotion program to support local authorities and organizations in showcasing the region’s beauty and safety.

    The program aims to rebuild the region’s tourism sector, impacted by recent border zone regulations. With a dedicated fund, the initiative will support promotional activities by local authorities and tourism organizations.

    Experience the Wonders of Podlasie

    Minister Nitras encouraged planning trips to Podlasie, highlighting its unique global attractions like Białowieża National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other notable destinations include the picturesque Open Window Villages and the health-enhancing town of Supraśl.

    Diverse Activities for Every Visitor

    Podlasie offers a variety of activities, from the longest cycling route, the Podlasie Stork Trail, to extensive Nordic walking trails in Hajnówka. The region also hosts the renowned Ethno Festival Czeremcha, a standout folk event in Poland.

    In the coming months, the campaign will feature prominently on social media and major TV stations, ensuring that the charm and safety of Podlasie reach a wide audience.

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