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    Discovering Polish Sweets: Malaga, Tiki Taki, and Kasztanki chocolates

    Among the most beloved and iconic Polish sweets are Malaga, Tiki Taki, and Kasztanki chocolates. Each of them has its unique story and flavor, attracting sweet lovers both in Poland and abroad.


    The iconic, classic chocolates from Wawel, filled with delicate creamy filling with the addition of raisins, and then coated with delicious dessert chocolate, constitute an unparalleled culinary delight for all sweets enthusiasts. Their harmonious combination of sweetness, creaminess, and a slight tanginess of raisins makes them an integral part of Polish confectionery tradition and flavor culture. It’s a true feast for the palate, enchanting with its excellent quality and unique aroma, leaving unforgettable taste impressions.

    Tiki Taki

    Truly legendary taste. Iconic chocolates with a distinctive large shape and form. An excellent combination of nutty cream, coconut flakes, and exquisite dessert chocolate.


    For many Poles, Kasztanki is not just a sweet treat; it’s also a piece of childhood and nostalgia. Produced since the 1970s, these small chocolate balls with cocoa filling and crispy wafers are an integral part of the memories of many generations. Their unique flavor and consistent quality make Kasztanki favorite sweets not only for children but also for adults.

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