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    Dismissal of General Gromadziński Stirs Political Controversy in Poland

    The recent dismissal of General Jarosław Gromadziński from his role as the commander of the Eurocorps has sparked a heated debate within Poland’s political and military circles. The Ministry of National Defense announced at the end of March that a security clearance review was initiated for General Gromadziński due to new information that had surfaced, leading to his immediate recall to Poland. This official reason has, however, been challenged by new revelations from “Gazeta Polska,” which suggest that the dismissal was driven by domestic military needs rather than security concerns.

    Former National Defense Minister and current Member of Parliament, Mariusz Błaszczak, addressed these developments on the talk show “#Michał Rachoń. Jedziemy.” According to Błaszczak, the true motive behind the recall stemmed from General Gromadziński’s appointment as the commander of the 18th Mechanized Division, which is currently stationed at the Brześć gate, a strategic point of defense. Błaszczak criticized the decision, suggesting it has undermined Poland’s credibility on the international stage. He further speculated that this move might have influenced the selection of the chairman of the EU Military Committee, where instead of a Polish general, the position went to an Irish commander.

    The counterintelligence service, headed by General Stróżyk, was responsible for initiating the review. Błaszczak portrayed this as a politically influenced decision, hinting at internal machinations within the offices of former Prime Minister Donald Tusk, rather than a straightforward military or security-based decision.

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