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    Dramatic Scenes at the Poland-Belarus Border: Shocking Findings by TV Republika

    Marcin Dobski of TV Republika has revealed disturbing details about the daily life of soldiers guarding the Poland-Belarus border. Soldiers have reported an increase in attempts to illegally cross the border, with incidents becoming more frequent and aggressive. Recently, four out of twenty migrants succeeded in crossing into Poland, and not all were apprehended. This situation is now a near-daily occurrence.

    Since April, there has been a noticeable rise in illegal border crossing attempts from Belarus into Poland. Migrants are becoming increasingly aggressive towards Polish soldiers, police, and Border Guard officers. In recent weeks, there has been a fatal stabbing of a soldier, a Border Guard officer suffered severe head injuries from an attack with a tree branch, and migrants have damaged two police vehicles during assaults on patrols.

    Daily Challenges at the Border

    Soldiers describe daily challenges in guarding the border, with one of the major issues being a lack of support from superiors. “Our superiors do not help us,” one soldier stated. Soldiers feel their actions are criticized, while migrants find it easier to cross the border.

    Incident Involving Firearms

    At the end of March and beginning of April, a scandalous incident occurred. When migrants illegally crossed the border, soldiers from the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade fired shots into the ground in self-defense. Some bullets ricocheted off the fence. The Border Guard notified the Military Police, and several soldiers were detained. They were charged under articles 231 and 160 of the penal code, and a prosecutor suspended their duties until June 27.

    Equipment and Communication Issues

    Soldiers also face equipment and communication problems. Military radios do not work in areas with the highest migrant crossings. “There are only two of us at the post, and it takes an hour for the Border Guard to come to our aid,” one soldier noted. The lack of encrypted radios and access to pepper spray hampers effective operations.

    Lack of Support from Superiors

    Soldiers feel helpless due to the lack of support from their superiors. “When we report problems and needs to our superior, the lieutenant is too scared to pass them on to the major, so the general only hears that everything is fine, which is not true,” said one soldier. “When we had to fire shots during an attack, no one asked if we were okay when we returned to the unit. Instead, we had to explain the use of ammunition. We were banned from using firearms and told we were using too much ammunition,” another soldier reported to Marcin Dobski.

    Migrants Becoming Bolder

    Migrants are becoming more brazen and well-informed about the procedures. Soldiers recount how migrants laugh at them and claim they are trained on when Poles can use firearms. Attacks on soldiers are increasing, discouraging young recruits from serving at the border.

    Staff Problems

    More young soldiers are avoiding border duty by taking sick leave, while more experienced soldiers prefer to retire. “The situation is bad, and there is no sign of improvement,” one soldier said. The allowance for a day of border duty is 180 PLN gross, which does not incentivize work in such difficult conditions.

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