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    Drunk driver crashes his van into police car [VIDEO]

    Failure to stop for control, driving while intoxicated and without a license, deliberately damaging a police van, creating a hazard and causing numerous traffic offences. These are charges that a 19-year-old detained after a chase by Świebodzin police officers may hear. Police and the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Świebodzin are investigating the case. The 19-year-old may face up to five years in prison.

    On Saturday (4 March), a patrol of the Świebodzin “traffic police” was controlling the speed of vehicles in the town of Borów. At one point, the measuring device indicated a Mercedes bus travelling at nearly 100 kilometres per hour. The officers indicated to the driver to stop for a check, but on seeing them, the driver turned back and started to run away. 

    Source: press materials

    During the chase, the driver committed several offences, posed a danger to other road users, blocked the police car and disregarded signals given by the officers. At one point, the bus driver turned into a side road. Due to proper patrol coordination and excellent knowledge of the district, a neighbourhood patrol cut off the man’s escape route, stopping the vehicle on a narrow road. 

    However, the fugitive was not about to give up and hit the police car head-on, posing a danger to the police officers as well as the passengers he was carrying. Uniformed officers reached the vehicle to stop the driver but the man refused to open the door. As a result, the window had to be broken. 

    Despite this, he continued to resist and did not want to leave the vehicle. The driver was forcibly pulled out and detained. As a result of the incident, two police officers were taken to hospital, but fortunately, their lives are not in danger. The 19-year-old driver and two underage female passengers who were on board the van also escaped injury.

    On further investigation, it emerged that the 19-year-old had one per mile of alcohol in his system and no driving licence. He is currently being dealt with under the supervision of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Świebodzin. 

    The man may face charges of failing to stop for control, driving under the influence of alcohol, wilful damage to a police car, bodily harm, as well as many offences including driving despite having no driving licence. He faces imprisonment for up to five years, a lifetime ban on driving, a fine and an obligation to pay PLN 5,000 to the Victims’ Aid and Post-Penitentiary Aid Fund.

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