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    Drunk Drivers Lose Wheels with New Law

    Poland introduces strict measures against drunk driving, confiscating vehicles for those exceeding 1.5 promils. Penalties also apply to non-owners, emphasizing safety and deterrence.

    Drunk drivers in Poland will face severe consequences starting March 14, with a new amendment to the penal code introducing widespread vehicle confiscation. This regulation applies to drivers caught with a blood alcohol level exceeding 1.5 promils. Under the updated law, those under the influence who cause accidents or drive under the influence of both alcohol and drugs will lose their vehicles through forfeiture.

    For drivers not owning the vehicle in question, the penalty remains stringent, with fines reaching up to 100,000 PLN or the equivalent value of the confiscated automobile. This dual approach aims to discourage not only the act of drunk driving but also the potential evasion of penalties through vehicle ownership loopholes.

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