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    Duda Advocates Placing Human Needs at the Core of Energy Transformation in COP28 Address

    Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda, addressed the COP28 climate conference in Dubai, emphasizing the crucial role of human considerations in the ongoing energy transformation. Duda stressed that while climate change poses a global challenge requiring international solidarity and adherence to sustainable development principles, there is insufficient focus on the human dimension.

    Speaking at the plenary session, President Duda acknowledged the alarming rate of climate change and urged the international community to confront the issue collectively. He insisted on placing humankind and its needs at the forefront of energy transformation, asserting that the well-being, security, and future of people should be central to every climate policy.

    Duda highlighted the importance of a just energy transition that prioritizes the quality of human life. He cautioned against undermining human well-being in the shift away from fossil fuels towards effective, low-emission energy sources, emphasizing the need for a sensible and rational process.

    The president reassured conference attendees that the Polish government takes climate goals seriously and is actively implementing solutions to support citizens, particularly in areas such as solar power and heat recovery technologies. Duda pointed out Poland’s significant strides in wind energy investment, ranking third in Europe the previous year. He also underscored the country’s commitment to establishing a stable nuclear energy sector to ensure vital energy security.


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