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    Duda Assures: Grain Dispute Won’t Severely Affect Relations with Ukraine

    Poland’s President, Andrzej Duda, downplayed the significance of the dispute over Ukrainian grain imports to Poland during his speech at the Common Future Congress for Reconstruction of Ukraine in Poznan. Duda characterized the issue as a minor disagreement that would not seriously harm bilateral relations between the two nations.

    In his address to the congress, President Duda stated, “I have no doubt that the dispute over the supply of Ukrainian grain to the Polish market is absolutely a ‘splinter’ in the whole of Polish-Ukrainian relations. I do not believe it can impact them in a serious way. It is an issue that we simply must resolve among ourselves.”

    The tensions in Polish-Ukrainian relations had escalated due to the grain dispute. Poland had recently maintained an embargo on certain Ukrainian agricultural products, including wheat and maize, citing concerns that an influx of imports from Ukraine could harm Polish farming. Ukraine, in response, filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization to challenge the ban.

    President Duda acknowledged that recent events and media exchanges might have caused anxiety among congress delegates but emphasized the historical significance of cooperation and support between Poland and Ukraine. He emphasized the enduring ties between the two nations and said, “This is not simply some event, some action.”

    Furthermore, Duda praised the assistance provided by Poles and Polish companies to Ukraine and its citizens affected by the conflict, highlighting the strong interpersonal bonds that had developed between the two countries and their people. He asserted that no political dispute should undermine this valuable capital of goodwill and solidarity.


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