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    Duralex: A Staple in Polish Households Faces Bankruptcy

    Duralex, the renowned French manufacturer of glass kitchenware, faces bankruptcy amidst longstanding financial woes exacerbated by surging energy prices and market competition. La maison du verre, Duralex’s parent company, has filed for bankruptcy in Orlean’s court, signaling the culmination of years of challenges.

    A Legacy Under Threat

    Founded in 1945, Duralex has weathered multiple crises, but recent years have proven increasingly dire. Despite a €15 million government loan in 2022, the company’s financial woes persist. This marks the fourth instance in two decades that Duralex and its 230 employees face an uncertain future.

    Duralex’s colorful glassware, famed for its durability, once symbolized French industrial prowess. However, the company’s workforce has dwindled over the years, and its once-thriving production now teeters on the brink.

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