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    Early Easter Bonus for Retirees: Thirteenth Pensions Arriving Before the Holidays

    Early thirteenth pensions in Poland offer retirees financial relief before Easter. Automatic processing simplifies access to supplementary benefits.

    Social Insurance Institution in Poland announces the early distribution of thirteenth pensions to retirees and pensioners. Paweł Żebrowski, the spokesperson, reveals that the first round of payments will commence on April 1st, just in time for the Easter holiday.

    The thirteenth pension, equivalent to the minimum retirement pension, stands at PLN 1780.96 gross for the year 2024. Remarkably, eligible recipients need not file any applications, as ZUS will facilitate automatic disbursements.

    In addition to the thirteenth pension, various supplementary benefits are available to qualifying individuals. These encompass a spectrum of pensions, compensations, and allowances, catering to diverse circumstances such as disability, military service, and parental responsibilities.

    Notably, the thirteenth pension remains exempt from deductions, executions, and income calculations. This provision aims to provide financial relief without burdening beneficiaries with additional liabilities.

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