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    Earth Day in Poland – environmental protection in the first place

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    Earth Day is celebrated annually in Poland on April 22nd. It is a day when people around the world remind themselves of the need to protect the natural environment and take action to preserve it.

    In Poland, Earth Day is an opportunity to organize numerous events such as concerts, marches, and actions to clean up polluted areas. Many schools and educational institutions organize classes related to environmental protection, and numerous informational materials on this topic appear in the media.

    In Poland, there are many organizations and associations that are actively involved in organizing activities on Earth Day. They aim to draw attention to problems related to air, water, and soil pollution, as well as the need for rational use of natural resources.

    Earth Day in Poland is an important event that mobilizes the community to take action to protect the environment. It is an opportunity to remind ourselves that each of us has an impact on the state of our planet and that every action we take matters for its future.

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