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    EC approves over €124 million in funding for gas pipeline in Poland

    The European Commission has given the green light to allot more than 124 million euros for the construction of a 253-kilometre section of a gas pipeline in Poland.

    Funding for a section of the pipeline between Lesniewice and Wronow in the Mazowieckie, Lodzkie, and Lubelskie regions of Poland will be provided by the European Regional Development Fund for the 2014-2020 budget period.

    It will form part of a 300-km-long pipeline running from Gustorzyn to Wronow.

    Elisa Ferreira, the EU Cohesion and Reform Commissioner, stated that the project would be of great help in boosting the energy security of Poland by providing a variety of gas supply sources and allowing for gas exports to Lithuania, Slovakia, and Ukraine.


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