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    Ecoactivists Block Warsaw Street Again, Drivers React with Force

    Warsaw witnessed another heated confrontation between ecoactivists and frustrated drivers as members of the “Ostatnie Pokolenie” group blocked Czerniakowska Street. The activists, who sat down in the street to obstruct traffic, were met with an unexpected response from drivers who used fire extinguishers to disperse the blockade.

    The incident, captured and shared by Ostatnie Pokolenie on the social media platform X, quickly went viral. The group’s footage shows the chaotic scene as drivers, infuriated by the disruption, took matters into their own hands. “A festival of violence erupted on Czerniakowska Street, with the police turning a blind eye,” lamented the activists.

    The online reaction was swift and overwhelmingly supportive of the drivers. Comments praising their actions flooded in, with one standout remark being, “Bravo to the man with the fire extinguisher!” The sentiment reflects a growing frustration among the public towards the repeated disruptive tactics employed by the activists, who have made headlines multiple times for similar actions that inconvenience everyday city residents.

    Despite likely hoping for solidarity, Ostatnie Pokolenie faced a backlash of disapproval, finding themselves on the receiving end of harsh criticism rather than support. This latest incident underscores the increasingly tense relationship between ecoactivists and the public, as well as the lengths to which frustrated individuals will go to reclaim their daily routines.

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