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    Economic Aspirations and Realities: A Look into the Earnings of Polish Students in 2024

    The latest insights from the “Student w pracy 2024” report reveal a mixed picture of Polish students’ earnings and their expectations for the future. Conducted by SW Research under the Career Program of the Polish Business Council, the study indicates that nearly half of the student population in Poland earns no more than 4,000 PLN monthly. Interestingly, over 24% of students reported earning between 1,000 to 2,000 PLN or even less.

    Despite similar income brackets reported in previous years, the data for 2024 shows a notable shift in the higher earning categories. Only 28% of students earn between 2,000 and 4,000 PLN, a significant decrease from 37.9% in the previous year. However, there’s a rising trend in the number of students earning between 4,000 and 6,000 PLN, jumping from 12.5% in 2023 to 29% this year.

    The report also highlights an ambitious outlook among students regarding future earnings. A third of the respondents dream of surpassing 10,000 PLN in net monthly earnings, up from a quarter in 2023. Looking further ahead, 42.2% of students hope to achieve this salary bracket next year, an increase from 32.8%. In a decade, a staggering 78.9% aspire to earn this amount, reflecting growing expectations.

    Marian Owerko, head of the Career Program, emphasized the uncertainty prevailing in the job market, particularly affecting the youth. However, he noted that companies are keen on forging lasting relationships with top talent, including students, leading to better salary prospects. Owerko pointed out that the younger generation’s fluency with technology provides a competitive edge, especially significant in an economy increasingly oriented towards AI and new leadership models.

    The study, conducted in March 2024, surveyed 800 students from 13 cities across Poland using the CAWI method on the SW Panel internet platform. The Career Program of the Polish Business Council, the nation’s oldest initiative for paid internships, offers nearly 120 internships in various companies across 15 cities, promoting substantial professional opportunities for students.

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