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    EEC Trends already in February 2023 

    The expert and opinion-forming group of guests at the EEC Trends conference is expanding. On 6 February 2023 in Warsaw, decision-makers, government, and business representatives will discuss new directions and the most important trends shaping the future of the Polish and European economies. EEC Trends is a prelude to Central Europe’s largest business meeting – the European Economic Congress, which will take place from 24 to 26 April 2023 in Katowice. Participant registration is underway.

    EEC Trends is a series of debates on the prospects and development directions of the Polish economy with the participation of partners and participants of the European Economic Congress. Entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and decision-makers will take part in discussions, the conclusions of which will outline the shape of the agenda of the 15th European Economic Congress to be held on 24-26 April 2023 at the International Congress Centre in Katowice. 

    “Currently, we are all at the epicentre of great change. During this year’s edition of EEC Trends, we will recognise at what stage of change the functioning economy is. Among the best experts, we will look at the changes that will shape social, economic, and business processes in the near future. The topics to be tackled during EEC Trends will become the basis for the culminating debate – the 15th European Economic Congress,”

    Wojciech Kuśpik, President of PTWP Group says. 

    Economy 2023

    EEC Trends will be inaugurated by a session entitled ‘Economy 2023: trends, opportunities, risk factors.’ The aim of it will be to find answers to the most important questions concerning, among others, inflation and the Polish zloty, public finance and development measures, taxes and levies. 

    Participants will also address geopolitical issues – discussing factors shaping the conditions for the Polish economy, as well as touching on potential crisis scenarios in the sphere of energy prices, the market and transition. Entering the topic of business and economics in an election year, guests at the opening session will set out what to expect from politicians, as well as discuss what sustainable, cost-effective, modern, and competitive manufacturing should look like under the new rules. The opening session of the event will close with an attempt to answer the question ” How could the pressure of external factors be utilized in accelerating changes in the Polish economy?”.

    Key topics

    A total of 9 debates are planned as part of EEC Trends. Key topics include the transformation of the Polish energy sector in the face of the crisis and changes caused by war, new trade routes, changes in supply chains and planned and ongoing infrastructure investments, trends and technologies in companies’ strategies, investments in sustainable production, and the condition of the Polish capital market vs. investments and innovations in the Polish economy and many others.

    In addition to debates on key topics for the economy, participants at EEC Trends 2023 will be able to listen to 1:1 conversations, narrow-minded polemics, as well as speeches by experts. The talks will be streamed online and, together with rebroadcasts, will extend the event’s reach.

    WNP Awards

    An accompanying event to EEC Trends is the 2nd EEC Programme Council Meeting.

    During EEC Trends, “WNP Awards ” will also be presented, granted by the editors of the economic portal WNP.PL to those who change the Polish economy for the better through their actions. Each year, the winners are individuals, institutions and companies that have recently made a significant, groundbreaking impact on the Polish economy. “WNP Awards” are granted to those who, through their bold actions and effectively implemented undertakings, set trends and directions of development, and actively respond to new challenges. 

    EEC Trends will take place on 6 February 2023 in Warsaw, at the Sheraton Grand Warsaw Hotel. The event is organised by PTWP Group, the initiator and, since 2009, the organiser of the European Economic Congress in Katowice. 

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    EEC in Katowice

    The European Economic Congress (EEC) in Katowice is a three-day series of debates, meetings and accompanying events with the participation of guests from Poland, Europe and the world, including EU commissioners, prime ministers and representatives of the governments of European countries, presidents of the largest companies, scientists and practitioners, decision-makers with a real impact on economic and social life.  

    The organiser of the European Economic Congress, since its first edition in 2009, has been the PTWP Group.  

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