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    Efficient Passport Services at Warsaw Chopin Airport

    The Passport Point at the Warsaw Chopin Airport celebrates its first anniversary of operation today. Over the past year, 14,850 individuals have benefited from the quick issuance of temporary passports, reflecting its positive reception among passengers.

    Convenience and Assistance

    Located in the Departures area of Terminal A, the Passport Point operates Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00. It offers prompt assistance to Polish citizens facing passport-related emergencies, such as loss, theft, or expiration of travel documents.

    The past year witnessed notable milestones, with peak demands observed during holiday seasons. In July 2023, the point issued a record 1,894 passports, while January 12, 2024, marked another record day with 131 documents processed.

    Accessible and Affordable

    Passengers can obtain a temporary passport for situations like forgotten or stolen documents upon presenting a valid flight ticket. The process is streamlined through the Electronic Passport Document Registry, ensuring efficient handling. Moreover, at a cost of only 30 PLN, the service remains accessible to all travelers.

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