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    Embracing Tradition: The Spirited Festivities of ‘Rękawka’ in Poland

    In Poland, the ‘Rękawka’ festival is more than folklore – it’s a vibrant celebration intertwining ancient customs with Easter Tuesday traditions. Originating from pre-Christian rituals of Spring All Souls’ Day, ‘Rękawka’ now symbolizes renewal with egg tossing and rolling. Legend has it that Krakus Mound’s soil, carried in sleeves, inspired the festival’s name.

    Since its revival in 2000, ‘Rękawka’ has enchanted locals and visitors alike. Festivities kick off with flames and a lap around Krakus Mound. Customs like ‘Siuda Baba’ and tales of the black princess from Lasota Hill immerse attendees in a medieval ambience, showcasing arts, crafts, and cuisine of bygone eras.

    Across the globe, similar Easter traditions thrive, from Scandinavia’s Äggrullning to England’s Egg Rolling. ‘Rękawka’ serves as a testament to Poland’s cultural heritage while uniting nations in the spirit of renewal.

    Check the video below to see a relation from one of the festivals:

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