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    Emergency landing of an aircraft without landing gear

    The emergency landing of an aircraft without landing gear at the airport in Depułtycze Królewskie caused much excitement and concern but fortunately ended safely. The incident took place during a training flight of a Cessna 172 RG aircraft at the airport of the State Academy of Applied Sciences in Chełm.

    According to information provided by the academy, the aircraft crew reported a fault with the aircraft’s retractable landing gear via the airport radio station. Immediate action was taken to bring the aircraft safely to the ground. Rescue services and an Air Rescue helicopter were waiting at the airport, ready to provide possible assistance.

    The aircrew followed the emergency landing procedure and the instructions of the flight supervisors. Thanks to their professionalism and calm response, they managed to land safely at the airport. Two crew members managed to leave the aircraft on their own, and fortunately, none of them were injured. Unfortunately, the landing gear of the aircraft was slightly damaged as a result of the incident.

    The whole situation was immediately reported to the National Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission, which will conduct an investigation to clarify the causes of the incident. This commission plays a key role in the analysis of aviation accidents and its findings will help to prevent similar incidents in the future.

    It is worth noting that the emergency landing of the aircraft without landing gear posed a serious challenge to the crew. The quick and effective response and professionalism of the pilots are vital in this type of situation. Their skills and experience certainly played a key role in the safe completion of the flight.

    Similar incidents always raise understandable concerns among passengers and airport staff. However, it is worth emphasising that the aviation industry is constantly striving to maximise flight safety through the continuous development of technology, improved procedures, and high standards of training for pilots and ground staff. An emergency landing of an aircraft without landing gear is a rare event, but in such situations, it is important that all involved have the right skills and knowledge to effectively manage critical situations.

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