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    Enhanced Border Security Measures Implemented in Poland

    Poland has intensified its border security efforts following a surge in illegal border crossing attempts, particularly along the Belarusian frontier. Over the past three days, the Border Guard reported 444 instances of illegal crossings, with confrontations involving stone-throwing and attacks on patrol teams. Despite two injuries, no fatalities were recorded.

    Rising Incidents and Defensive Measures

    Incidents peaked on Friday with 198 attempts, followed by 91 on Saturday and 155 on Sunday. These occurred at various border points, notably in Czeremcha, Dubicze Cerkiewne, and Białowieża, where migrants even attempted river crossings. Video footage captured migrants hurling flaming branches over the border fence in Białowieża.

    Technological Reinforcement and Expansion Plans

    To combat this trend, Poland has fortified its border with a 5.5-meter steel barrier erected in 2022, supplemented by electronic surveillance covering 206 kilometers. Furthermore, a contract has been signed to extend electronic barriers along the Bug River, supported by EU funding totaling nearly 280 million PLN.

    Mitigating Future Challenges

    The electronic barrier project includes the installation of thousands of cameras and thermal sensors, with surveillance centralizing at the Border Guard’s Chełm headquarters. Additionally, agreements have been made to reinforce security along the Świsłocz and Istoczanka rivers in Podlaskie, utilizing advanced monitoring systems.

    Steadfast Commitment to Border Integrity

    Poland’s proactive measures underscore its commitment to safeguarding territorial integrity and managing migration challenges effectively. As threats evolve, the nation remains steadfast in implementing robust security solutions to uphold border sovereignty.

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