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    Europe vs. USA and Russia: Tusk’s Controversial Statement Sparks Debate

    In a recent press conference alongside the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, Donald Tusk boldly proclaimed that Europe stands as a powerhouse, eclipsing both the United States and Russia combined in economic, financial, and technological prowess. His assertion, however, has ignited a flurry of reactions, with many labelling it as “anti-Americanism.”

    Tusk’s assertion of Europe’s supremacy was made during discussions about the strategic priorities of the European Council for the years 2024-2029. He emphasized that there is no reason for Europe to wait for assistance from others, asserting that it possesses all the necessary capabilities to thrive independently on the global stage.

    The visit of Charles Michel to Warsaw aimed to discuss the European Council’s agenda for the coming years. This agenda, which sets goals for the 27 heads of EU member states and governments, was slated to be discussed during a working dinner at the Łazienki Palace, attended by Prime Minister Tusk, President Michel, and leaders from Estonia, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Spain.

    Prior to this gathering, Tusk reiterated his belief in Europe’s potential to become the strongest political entity worldwide, a sentiment that triggered reactions from various quarters, including the creators of the television series “Reset” – Michał Rachoń and Professor Sławomir Cenckiewicz.

    “We are economically, financially, technologically bigger and stronger than the United States and Russia combined. There is no reason to have complexes. There is no reason for Europe to have to wait for someone else’s help,”

    said Tusk. 

    Rachoń, in particular, took to social media to criticize Tusk’s statement, branding it as “anti-Americanism” and warning against the dangers of embracing ideologies like the “multipolar world.” He deemed such notions as “deadly dangerous for Poland.”

    “The old doctrine also called the “multipolar” world. Or simply a common space “from Lisbon to Vladivostok”. Deadly dangerous for Poland,”

    he wrote on X. 

    The reactions to Tusk’s words have not been confined to Rachoń alone; they have sparked a broader discourse across social media platforms and beyond.

    “I’m leaving aside economically and technologically stronger than the USA because, of course, petrol costs PLN 5.19, but this is a comparison on the same level between the USA and Russia…,”

    Polish journalist in Taipei Hania Shen wrote on X. 

    “Technologically, the EU does not exist compared to the USA. Fact… The EU is slightly larger than the USA (448 million vs. 333 million), but this only proves better about the USA, and when you add Russia, it means the EU is smaller. [US GDP with Russia is +10%] Dry facts. In addition, expensive energy, rising costs of living, unhealthy regulations… The USA is eating the world even when it is being attacked by leftist cancer. We shouldn’t have complexes, yes, but the EU is doing everything to reset the years of development and the world has overtaken us, leaving us far behind – there are many reasons for complexes,”

    another X user wrote on X. 

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