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    European Archaeology Days 2024 from June 14-16 in Poland

    From June 14 to 16, the 6th edition of European Archaeology Days (EDA) will captivate audiences with a diverse array of events, exhibitions, picnics, academic sessions, and demonstrations. This initiative, designed to bring archaeological heritage closer to the public, is coordinated by the National Heritage Institute (NID) in Poland.

    The event brings together renowned archaeological institutions, including the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin, Krzemionki Museum and Reserve, and the Museum of the First Piasts at Lednica. Universities, research institutes, academic societies, associations, foundations, and smaller establishments also participate, showcasing their work during these special days.

    Last year’s EDA saw over 50 institutions organizing 115 events across 53 locations in Poland. Attendees engaged in workshops, lectures, thematic tours, and picnics. Enthusiasts even experienced archaeological excavations firsthand, uncovering the mysteries of the past.

    Initially a French event launched by the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap) in 2010, the EDA has been celebrated in Poland since 2019. Held every June, it attracts a broad audience, from families and students to passionate hobbyists and professionals in archaeology.

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