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    European Commission and Poland launch initiative to rescue Ukrainian children abducted by Russia

    An effort between Poland and the European Commission (EC) is being initiated to bring back Ukrainian children who were taken by Russia.

    The objective of this program is to locate the lost children and to bring those accountable to justice.

    EC President Ursula von der Leyen and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will spearhead the new initiative, as announced by EC spokesperson Dana Spinant on Monday.

    Spinant reported at a press conference that it is believed that thousands of Ukrainian children have been relocated to Russia for adoption since the beginning of Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine in February 2014.

    The EC will present details of the initiative in the coming days, Spinant added.


    Antifa Thugs and German Police Target TV Republika at Ravensbrück: Assault on Memory and Freedom

    Antifa militants, aided by complicit German law enforcement, launched an assault on the journalistic integrity of TV Republika at the historic site of the former Nazi camp KL Ravensbrück.