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    European Games Conclude in Krakow with Impressive Medal Haul for Poland

    Krakow and Malopolska recently wrapped up an exhilarating edition of the European Games, with Polish athletes delivering an outstanding performance and securing an impressive total of 50 medals. The Polish contingent, adorned with national pride, claimed an admirable tally of 13 gold, 19 silver, and 18 bronze medals throughout the duration of the Games.

    Spanning from Wednesday, June 21 to Sunday, July 2, the third iteration of the European Games showcased the athletic prowess of participants from various nations.

    On the inaugural day of medal competitions, Thursday, June 22, the Polish athletes seized their first medals, setting a promising tone for the days to come. With unwavering determination, the white and red competitors consistently added to their medal count, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament.

    As the Games reached their conclusion, the Polish team found themselves in an admirable sixth place in the overall medal standings. Their remarkable achievement included a noteworthy haul of thirdteen gold, nineteen silver, and eighteen bronze medals. Currently dominating the leaderboard are the Italians, whose athletes have claimed the majority of podium finishes.

    To mark the conclusion of the Games in Poland, a captivating closing ceremony was held in Krakow. The event featured captivating performances by renowned stars, including Doda, Sara James, Viki Gabor, and Justyna Steczkowska, providing a fitting end to this spectacular sporting extravaganza.


    🥇 medals for Poland:

    • athletics, 100 m hurdles run: Pia Skrzyszowska 
    • athletics, 100 m race: Ewa Swoboda 
    • athletics, hammer throw: Wojciech Nowicki 
    • canoeing, C1 200 m: Dorota Borowska 
    • canoeing, K2 500 m: Karolina Naja, Anna Puławska 
    • canoeing, K4 500 m: Karolina Naja, Anna Puławska, Adrianna Kąkol, Dominika Putto 
    • fencing, foil fencing: Julia Walczyk-Klimaszyk 
    • fencing, foil fencing: Michał Siess 
    • kickboxing, cat. 86 kg: Robert Krasoń 
    • muaythai, 54 kg: Martyna Kierczyńska 
    • shooting, 10 m air pistol: Klaudia Breś 
    • ski jumping, large hill: Dawid Kubacki 
    • sport climbing, time trial: Natalia Kałucka 

    🥈 medals for Poland:

    • athletics, 200 m race: Albert Komański 
    • athletics, 400 m race: Natalia Kaczmarek 
    • athletics, 4×100 m relay: Marika Popowicz-Drapała, Monika Romaszko, Magdalena Stefanowicz and Ewa Swoboda 
    • athletics, 4×400 m mixed relay: Maks Szwed, Anna Kiełbasińska, Igor Bogaczyński and Natalia Kaczmarek 
    • athletics, DME: Poland 
    • canoeing, C1: Klaudia Zwolińska
    • canoeing, C2 200 m: Sylwia Szczerbińska, Aleksander Kitewski 
    • fencing, sabre individual: Krzysztof Kaczkowski 
    • fencing, sabre individual: Martyna Swatowska-Wenglarczyk 
    • kayak, K1 team: Klaudia Zwolińska
    • muaythai, 51 kg: Roksana Dargiel 
    • muaythai, 67 kg: Oskar Siegert 
    • rugby 7, women’s tournament: Poland 
    • shooting, 25 m pistol team: Joanna Wawrzonowska, Klaudia Breś and Julita Borek 
    • shooting, 50 m rifle: Natalia Kochańska 
    • sport climbing, time trial: Aleksandra Mirosław
    • taekwondo, cat. +73 kg: Aleksandra Kowalczuk 
    • teqball, individual: Adrian Duszak 
    • white water canoeing, K1 team: Michał Pasiut, Mateusz Polaczyk and Dariusz Popiela

    🥉 medals for Poland:

    • 3×3 basketball: Adrian Bogucki, Szymon Rduch, Mateusz Szlachetka and Przemysław Zamojski
    • athletics, high jump: Norbert Kobielski 
    • boxing, cat. up to 75 kg: Elżbieta Wójcik 
    • boxing, cat. up to 92 kg: Mateusz Bereźnicki 
    • canoeing, C2 500 m: Norman Zezula and Aleksander Kitewski 
    • karate, kumite cat. 67 kg: Miłosz Sabiecki 
    • karate, kumite cat. 84 kg: Michał Bąbos 
    • kickboxing, cat. 60 kg: Kinga Szlachcic 
    • kickboxing, cat. 63.5 kg: Oskar Sobański 
    • kickboxing, cat. 70 kg: Karolina Juja 
    • kickboxing, cat. 75 kg: Jakub Pokusa 
    • muaythai, cat. 60 kg: Dominika Filec 
    • muaythai, cat. 71 kg: Jakub Rajewski 
    • shooting, 10-metre air rifle team: Aneta Stankiewicz, Julia Piotrowska and Natalia Kochańska 
    • sport climbing, time trial: Marcin Dzieński 
    • teqball, men’s doubles, Adrian Duszak and Marek Pokwap
    • teqball, mixed doubles: Alicja Bartnicka and Marek Pokwap 
    • teqball, women’s double game: Alicja Bartnicka and Ewa Kamińska 

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