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    Ewa Swoboda Surprises Herself with Season’s Performance: “Proud of Myself”

    The fastest woman in Poland, despite not feeling her best, triumphed in the women’s sprint event at the Polish Indoor Athletics Championships with a remarkable time of 7.05 seconds. Ewa Swoboda, one of the world’s fastest sprinters, managed to outpace her competitors in Torun, leaving Kryscina Cimanouska in second place with a time of 7.25 seconds and Magdalena Stefanowicz in third at 7.26 seconds.

    Reflecting on her achievements this season, Swoboda expressed a deep sense of pride. “I am proud of myself this season because I finished all my races below 7.10,” she stated, highlighting her consistent excellence.

    Swoboda’s Resilience on a Tough Day

    Despite considering it an off day, Swoboda’s performance was anything but disappointing. She shared her relief that Magda Stefanowicz qualified for the World Indoor Championships (WIC) in Glasgow, ensuring she wouldn’t be the only Polish representative. Swoboda also acknowledged the challenges of competing late in the day but remains optimistic about her prospects in Glasgow, where the final will also take place late.

    Having had a difficult Saturday due to lack of sleep, Swoboda nevertheless managed to clock in a time below 7.10 seconds once again, a promising sign ahead of the World Championships. With the second-fastest time this season, a 7.01, trailing only behind Julien Alfred from Saint Lucia who ran a 6.99, Swoboda plans to take a well-deserved break before the WIC in Glasgow, aiming to “build up form and visit a spa.”

    Legal Troubles and Personal Strength

    A disturbing incident occurred during the championships when a Polish athlete, who has been stalking Swoboda, was removed from the stands in Torun. The matter is currently under legal consideration, with Swoboda expressing frustration but a strong resolve to not let such incidents affect her. “I have to expect it and understand when someone is a fan, but not like this…” she remarked, clearly irritated by the recurring issue with the individual.

    Swoboda’s determination shines through as she refuses to be broken by such challenges. “I don’t care anymore, and that’s it on this matter,” she concluded, showcasing her focus and resilience amidst adversity.


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