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    Exploring Knowledge and Culture: “50 Weeks in the City of Science” in Katowice

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    Weeks dedicated to Mountains, Love, Humor, and Three Cultures are set to unfold in Katowice and nearby cities in February as part of the ongoing celebrations of Katowice 2024 as the European City of Science. Each week, organized by a consortium of academic institutions, offers a blend of scientific lectures, workshops, and expert encounters.

    Week 1: Mountains
    In February, the “Week of Mountains” kicks off, merging sports passion with education. The program includes scientific lectures by experts and mountaineers, photo and art exhibitions, film screenings, and a mountain hike. Safety is a focal point, addressing preparation, fitness, physiology, and essentials for a secure mountain expedition.

    Week 2: Love
    The “Week of Love,” around Valentine’s Day, features lectures on quantum entanglement and molecular-level relationships, along with insights into cardiac symptoms of a broken heart. Love, in its various forms, is explored universally, emphasizing its commonality across the world.

    Week 3: Humor
    During the “Week of Humor,” organizers delve into the psychology and cultural facets of humor through lectures, film screenings, and even opportunities to test one’s ability to make others laugh. Laughter is not only proverbially healthy but scientifically proven to have positive effects.

    Week 4: Three Cultures
    Closing February is the “Week of Three Cultures,” dedicated to Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Activities include visits to the “Doha” Culture and Dialogue Center, basic language courses in Hebrew and Arabic, and a concert by an evangelical choir. The emphasis is on understanding rather than mere tolerance, fostering dialogue and appreciation.

    Katowice, the first city from Central-Eastern Europe to be titled the European City of Science, is hosting these events under the coordination of the Academic Consortium Katowice – City of Science, comprising seven regional public universities.

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