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    Exploring Polish Identity Through Diverse Perspectives

    Scientists from the Laboratory of Political Cognition at the Polish Academy of Sciences have created a film titled “Polishness,” summarizing two years of research on Polish national identity. The film is freely available on YouTube and aims to present the positive aspects of Polish identity through the stories of eight individuals.

    Positive Democratic Patriots and Open Traditionalists

    The researchers identified five distinct groups of Poles, highlighting the “Fulfilled Democrats” and “Open Traditionalists” in the film. These groups exhibit a secure national identity, embracing Polish culture while maintaining openness to others. Fulfilled Democrats engage in civic activities and cherish their connection to fellow citizens. Open Traditionalists prioritize cultural traditions and exhibit a high level of patriotism, finding pride and strength in their Polish heritage.

    During the premiere in Warsaw, the filmmakers described their work as an “intervention” aimed at reducing social polarization. By showcasing positive, inclusive attitudes, they hope to inspire those with more closed or indifferent perspectives to adopt a more positive view. The researchers believe that a strong national identity can motivate civic participation and communal actions.

    Diverse Voices on Polishness

    The film features notable figures like musician Czesław Mozil, who emphasizes the value of constructive criticism for national growth. Other protagonists include Dr. Agata Kołodziejczyk, who blends tradition with innovation, and Marek Janowski, a paramedic with deep historical knowledge. Their stories illustrate how diverse experiences and perspectives can enrich the understanding of Polish identity and foster a more inclusive and dynamic society.

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