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    False Robbery Report Leads to Drug Possession Charges for Tourist in Sopot

    A 37-year-old man, carrying drugs in his backpack, walked into the Police Headquarters in Sopot and reported that he had been robbed two hours earlier. However, upon investigation, the police discovered that no robbery had taken place and subsequently arrested the man on charges of marijuana possession.

    Lucyna Rekowska, the spokesperson for the Gdansk Police Headquarters, stated that on Wednesday after midnight, a man approached the police officers in Sopot, claiming to be a victim of a robbery that occurred two hours earlier.

    “The man also mentioned that as a result of the crime, he had lost his phone and a credit card that was in the phone case. Before formal notification of the crime was filed, a detective from the criminal department decided to talk to him to establish the circumstances of the alleged robbery,” Rekowska added.

    The reporting individual was identified and found to be a resident of the Oswiecim district. When the detective checked the items he had with him, it turned out that the man had marijuana in his backpack. The seized substance was secured for further examination, and the 37-year-old was taken into custody by the police.

    The man explained that he was on vacation and had arrived in Gdansk by train on January 2nd. He claimed to have met three men and a woman in Sopot with whom he consumed alcohol. According to him, one of the newly acquainted individuals committed the robbery.

    Upon verifying the information, the Sopot police determined that no crime had occurred. Reviewing the surveillance camera footage, officers found that the man had fallen asleep on a bench in the train station hall. When he woke up, he left his phone with the payment card behind. The items were later found by a security guard.

    On Thursday, the police formally charged the 37-year-old tourist with marijuana possession.

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