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    Farmers’ Frustration Boils Over: Uncertainty and Unmet Promises at Warsaw Summit

    In a recent meeting at the Dialog Centre in Warsaw, farmers’ representatives expressed their disappointment following discussions with Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The gathering, marking the second farmers’ summit, concluded with participants feeling a lack of concrete outcomes and clarity.

    Tomasz Obszański, the chair of NSZZ RI “Solidarność,” criticized Prime Minister Tusk’s leadership, citing a lack of effective management and the Prime Minister’s admission of having ineffective officials in his administration, leading to significant disarray. 

    Obszański highlighted the government’s intention to accept some officials’ resignations amidst the turmoil but pointed out the vague outcomes from discussions concerning future policies, particularly in agriculture. This has left the farming community with little clarity on how their issues, such as the impact of the Green Deal and agricultural policies, will be addressed.

    Meanwhile, Andrzej Sobocinski, representing the farmers, expressed disappointment over the absence of specific measures from the government, despite Prime Minister Tusk’s references to the Green Deal and promises of seeking modifications within the European Commission. The refusal to close borders to address the grain surplus and the reliance on domestic funds for managing excess grain has compounded the uncertainty for farmers. 

    This lack of decisive action and concrete support from the government has led to farmers planning protests on March 20, signaling growing discontent with the administration’s approach to agricultural issues.

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